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I came to my hotel room late after the Ambi farewell party. But I had no time to rest since I had to send files to Suvarna News office. Ananth Chinivar and Sugana was in regular touch throughout my journey in Malaysia. At 10.15 pm IST l flashed a photo of me and Ambareesh in Facebook saying "Chitraloka.com editor KM Veeresh in Malaysia with Ambareesh for exclusive coverage for Suvarna News. Coming back to Bangalore with Ambaresh tomorrow morning."

At 10.45 PM IST I received a call from the office and was asked to give details on phone live. For about two minutes I gave details about Ambareesh's health and his return to India.

I got my video camera connected to my laptop and started transferring the video files. I came down from the hotel room and went to a 7/11 shop. 7/11 is a business that is open 24 hours. It was first started in Thailand and has established their business in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. I asked for whisky and was told they don’t sell it. I purchased two bottles of beer and returned to the room. By this time all my video files had got transferred to my laptop.

Ananth Chinivar asked me to send him as many files as possible so that channel can be ready to blast the news the following morning. I told him since there was very little time I could only send some selected visuals.

The captured files were all in high resolution. Had to convert them to smaller files which takes lot of time. Whenever I started sending files it was taking long time. I was wondering why the internet connection was so slow. By the time I finished sending the files to office it was around 5.30 am. Suguna in Bangalore Suvarna News office was thrilled after seeing the footages and started saying "We Made It". Even around 1 am (IST) she was working in the office dowloading the files.

(To be Continued Tommorrow)

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