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When Ambi entered the party place near the swimming pool, known persons came and wished him. Mr Subramanyam introduced new friends to him.  When Ambi was sitting and talking to friends, a lady went and asked him what he wants. Immediately Ambi remarked `Thank you. If you are giving Whisky give otherwise go that side. Everybody started laughing including the lady serving!

Around 10 took the interview of Mr Subramanyam and his wife.

Around 11.30 I decided to leave. Had my food and told Sanjeev that I am leaving. Sanjeev told pls wait will arrange car. Dint wanted to disturb Ambareesh to tell Im leaving. Everybody were in the party mood.

sumalatha ambareesh, saroja

Came out and asked persons where I can get a cab. As directed by them started walking. Even at that time heavy traffic was there and there was no way car can be stopped there. Dint know which side I have to do and started walking for the cab.
Suddenly car came and shouted Veeresh. Sanjeev was there and he was searching for me. He Came to known that I had left he had come in searching. He told `you cannot get cab here and asked me to get in the car. Driver again came back to his house. Sanjeev took the drop and told the driver to drop me. I was taken aback by their gesture. Who was I just 18 hours back. That’s Ambi friends!

Later I asked the driver to drop me nearby where I can get the cab since I dint wanted the driver to drop me back to the hotel which was far away. Told the driver to check the cab at Eastin hotel and luckily got the cab there.

When returned my room it was around 12. 30 AM! Meanwhile was informing Ananth Chinivar and Suvarna News Film Section Head Sugana about the developments taken up.

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