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Total of 35 films released in the year 2007-08 have been given 'Subsidy' by the quality committee (GO 40PIF2009 dated 21-7-2009). In this four films are qualified automatically since they got the state award. These films will get 10 lacks and two film has been selected as Special subsidy category as children film which will get 25 lacks. Three films have been considered as histological and mythogical films and will also get 25 lacs.
Totally 85 Films were there for the 2007-08 subsidy. Gulabie Talkies, Moggina Jade, Mathad mathad Mallige, and Banadha Neralu had been automatically qualified for subsidy since these films have bagged 2007-08 state awards.
The committee was headed by reputed director Siddalingaiah. Other Members in the committee are Richard Catiliono, Narayana Swamy, Shalini Prabhu, Lakshman Kodase, Hassan Raghu, Rajan, Kum. Veereabadrappa.
Automatically Selected
1. Gulabie Talkies
2. Moggina Jade
3. Mathad mathad Mallige
4. Banadha Neralu
26 Films for 2007-08 Subsidy Selected
1. Daatu
2. Janapada
3. Aa dinagalu
4. Meera Madhava Raaghava
5. Avva
6. Pallaki
7. Milana
8. Lancha Samrajya
9. Kurunad
10. Deemantha Manushya
11. Kusuma
12. Birse (tulu0
13. Yuga Yugagale Saagali
14. Nenadhe Nenapu
15. Amruthavani
16. Sheha Parva
17. Soundarya
18. Gandana Mane
19. E Preethi Ontara
20. Nanu Gandhi
21. Laddu Muthya
22. Kai Thuttu
23. Beladingalagi Baa
24. Shivani
25. Honganasu
26. Hani Hani
Special Subsidy for children’s film which will be given Rs 25 Lacs
Chilipili Haggigalu, Ekalavya
Historical and mythological film Rs 25 lacs to Danamma Devi, Nava Shakthi Vybhava and Sri
Renukacharya Mahatma.

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