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The content (movie print) to overseas is delivered via Hard Disk (Internal drive or External drive). Real Image gets the movie files from the producers, prepares in the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) format. The data is complete encrypted. You cannot unlock it in your PC or view the files. These are very secure. The content is delivered to the theatre, they copy it to server, validate it through KDM’s. Producers need to pay the conversion charges, content copy charges as well as KDM charges (for each location). This should be only way to deliver the content to overseas. 

Some producers released the movie pay per view online on the same day of the release or couple of weeks after the movie release. This is good in a sense that we can reach each and every corner of world. Market reach is very huge. The downside of it is that, the content will be available to download for free in torrents within few hours. This is very dangerous approach and results in high quality piracy.  

Few producers send the content without encryption. They do their own DCP conversion to by-pass the expenses that need to be paid for the conversion. This will result in piracy as the data is not protected. Most of servers won’t recognize the content. You need to play the content from the external hard disk (buffering problem). This should be avoided completely. Most of the theatres won’t receive the content if it’s not encrypted.       

First time producers or independent filmmakers just send the Blu-ray disks for overseas screening. This should be avoided completely. The quality of screening is compromised as well as chances of piracy are very high. 

As filmmakers, it’s our responsibility to protect and prevent piracy. 

(to be continued)

(Article by Atlanta Nagendra)

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