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shivarajkumar upendra

It was really a surprise gift for Upendra on his birthday. The 'Real Star' didn't expect that 'Hatrick Hero' Shivarajkumar would make a surprise visit and wish him for his birthday. But Shivarajkumar not only turned for Upendra's birthday, but also released 'Uppi 2' teaser.

While Upendra was celebrating his birthday with his fans and friends, Shivarajkumar made a surprise visit and wished the 'Real Star'. Upendra was really surprised to see his favourite star coming and wishing him on his birthday. Upendra was very much overwhelmed by Shivarajkumar's gesture and thanked him for the visit.

Meanwhile, on request of Upendra, Shivarajkumar released the teaser of his next directorial venture 'Uppi 2'.

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