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kwatle satisha

Neenasam Satish has donned the Ghajini look in his new film 'Kwatle Satisha'. Taking a leaf from the Ghajini film, the actor has donned the make up with an injured skull with stitch marks, a toned body with messages on his body just like the leading man in Ghajini. This character has been spoofed in Kannada before but it has not been revealed if Satish is playing a spoof or a serious image like in Ghajini.

The poster design with the Ghajini look has words like, 'naaLe nanna maduve' (my wedding tomorrow) and a smaller 'nanna chinnu' (my dear) near it. There is another with the name 'Dhanalakshmi' with a mobile number below it. On the left abdomen, the name Sandeep is crossed out. On the right abdomen is the name Anand with another mobile number. On the right shoulder it says, 'gaadi kaaNe aagide,' (vehicle missing) with its registration number. On the left shoulder is the name Suri and another mobile number and one more half visible name 'chikka..' with yet another number. On the left arm is a tattoo saying 'chaDDi dostugaLu.' Satish who has turned lead actor in his last two films; Lucia and Anjada Gandu is in demand to play lead roles recently.

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