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The Bangalore City Police on Sunday had to resort to lathi charge to control the frenzy Darshan's fans at the Narthaki theater in Bangalore. Darshan along with the team of 'Brindavana' had come to Narthaki theater for the 25 days celebration.

Apart from the celebrations Darshan's fans association which is called the D Company Fans Association had organised for a blood donation camp in the theater premises. Learning that Darshan would come to the theater for both the purposes, Darshan's fans had come in huge numbers to meet the 'Challenging Star'.
brindavana 25 days celebration

Just when Darshan entered the theater, the fans fell on Darshan to meet him and get a photo of him. The very famous glass showcase in Narthaki theater which hoses a number of trophies and mementos got smashed when the crowd got frenzy. Unable to control the mob, the Police had to resort to lathi charge inside the theater itself. Many got hurt, while many escaped from the theater leaving their slippers behind. For a while, there was confusion all around and later Darshan was rushed out from the crowd.

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