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producer n kumar, sudeep

Producer N Kumar did not know of Sudeep's injury until Chitraloka called him. Sudeep had not bothered the producer about the injury though it was severe. Kumar said, "I did not know about it till you informed me. Sudeep has always been like this. This is my fourth film with him after Ranga SSLC, Maharaja and Nalla. During the shooting of Nalla SSLC, he was affected by flu and had a high fever running. Despite that, he continued acting despite suggestions that he take rest. I know about his commitment and that is the reason I like to make films with him."

Later, speaking to Chitraloka, Sudeep, said, "there was no reason to inform the producer. If I had told him, it would have looked like I wanted a break from shooting. That would not look professional. The finger will become better eventually. Please do not make a news out of this even. I wonder how you managed to get the photo of the X-ray. Don't hype this."

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