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Well known film distributor Prasad who is an acclaimed and successful stock broker has revised his decision to quit the Kannada film industry altogether and withdraw from all the projects he was associated with. A series of  meetings organised by well meaning friends in the industry was attended by Prasad in the last few days which had made him to take a U turn from his desired decision to quit the industry after feeling disgusted with some of the unfair criticism in a section of the  media and film industry circles.  Seriously hurt with such uncharitable criticisms, Prasad had announced that he will not venture into the Kannada film production and distribution any more.  This looked like a disgusted outburst by a new comer who was trying to bring in some welcome changes in the disorganised distribution sector of the Kannada film industry.

However good sense prevailed in Prasad who was prevailed upon by many industry bigwigs and also an influential section of the media to change his decision. Prasad himself explained the reasons for this turnaround in the press meet of the film Alemaari for which he was invited as a chief guest.

"I am overwhelmed by the goodwill that I have obtained from the industry though I have been here just for a few months.   As a prudent businessman I know that I can make investments in some projects and wish to gain from them.   In business everything happens for good, whether profits or losses.  We learn from profits and losses that this is the real excitement of business.  But some people are more interested in knowing my source of funds and whether I am making false claims about the revenues from my distributed films.  If you want any proof, you can just walk over to my office and check my records.  I will give you such liberty' said Prasad.

Prasad said that he has been a columnist in many respectable business journals and was doing journalistic job for twenty years.  "But still I was little disturbed by some news items which did not have basis of facts.  They could have checked with me before writing that story as I would have given them substantive proof.  I have been a honest tax payer and I have been doing business in a fair manner. I wanted to diversify into film business and that was the reason why I am here.

My intentions are honest and I want to bring in some progressive changes in the way the business is run.  In a way I want to be game changer as for as some premium films are concerned' said Prasad.  He also said that he would continue with his distribution and production activities in future. Praasad said that his only connection to the film 'Alemari' was that he had helped his friend  Gowdaru financially to purchase the distribution rights of the film throughout the state.   He was happy that the film's collections have kept both Gowdaru and  producers BK Srinivas and Krishnaprasad  happy. I want to see that the film gets a better rate of success in the coming days' said Prasad.

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