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The popular television actress Ruthu who shot in to fame from ‘Kavyanjali’ as ‘Kavya’ in the most popular soap in Udaya TV of Balaji Tele films has made an unsuccessful bid to end her life in Bangalore on Sunday morning. The timely medical aid for ‘Kavya’ alias Ruthu has resulted in overcoming the trauma. It is understood that she cut her vein and took sleeping tablets to kick the bucket. She is now recovering from bad patch of her life. ‘Sharapanjara’, ‘Sapthapadi’ are the other television serial Ruthu acted recently.
As usual Ruthu went for shooting to Krishnakumari estate near Bidadi to attend the shoot. On the way she consumed sleeping tablets and cut her vein. This was noticed by the car driver and informed the police. She was admitted to a hospital near Bidadi and given treatment at the right time. The reason for Ruthu taking such drastic step has not yet been ascertained.
Ruthu also made a brief stint in Kannada films from ‘Mava Mava Madhuve Madu’. The role she played in ‘H20’ was notable one. It was a hesitant entry of Ruthu. It was a few years ago Ruthu’s father made an unsuccessful bid to produce a Kannada film and lost several lakhs of rupees. On this reason he wanted to keep away Ruthu from films but destiny had something else in store. Ruthu one day decided that from where her papa had lost money from the same place she decided to get back money. This has made her debut in a Kannada film.