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Has the big success of Kannadadha Kotyaadhipathi which is being run for four days from Monday to thursday in Suvarna Channel some thing to do with the biggest craze generated for  the film Anna Bond starring the Power Star.
Puneet is anchoring the Suvarna show with characteristic applomb where his warmth has gone well with the viewers of  the programme.  The film's increasing popularity has brought in new fans to the Super Star and many family audiences have become his ardent supporters.   But the success of the programme can also become a double edged weapon, as the night show collections for four days in the week may also be affected.
Still on a positive note, many trade analysts and critics say that the gains on account of this programme will overweigh a few negative factors.
 "The success of "Kannadadha Kotyaadhipathi' in the television has not only been a game changer for the television industry, but it has also brought in a large number of fan following for Puneet Raj Kumar.  There are many people who would like to watch Anna Bond because they have liked the Power Star in this most popular programme now ruling the popularity rating charts.  The fact that many people who have been part of  a phone a friend have been surprised to receive the call from the Power Star have referred him as Anna Bond.   There has been many references about Anna Bond in the programme and Puneet has also danced for the Thumba Nodbedi song along with some of the participants.  All these factors have added a lot of curiosity quotient about the film' says a well known analyst.
The film's director Soori has confirmed in a chat with a channel that Anna Bond's raising expectations have brought him a sense of fear and anxiety.  "Anna Bond does not resemble any of my previous films Jackie and Junglee.  It is just another well made Paisa Vasool entertainer.
It will not have even a second of dull moment.  All of us have put in lot of efforts to do this film' says Soori. Incidentally for action lovers,  Soori provides something to cheer about.   "Action sequences in the film will be unbelievably good and well composed.  There are good number of  fight sequences and some bit fights which will provide full meals satisfaction for the action lovers' adds Soori.
Priyamani calls Soori as a fabulous director who has taken very good work from all his artists.   "He was very jovial on sets and would tell many comical incidents that had happened in his life.  As for Puneet is concerned, I should be happy that I was given the second opportunity to work with such a great director' says Priyamani.