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darshan, sudeep

The bonding between actors Sudeep and Darshan is reaching new heights. A day after Sudeep called Darshan the number one star in Sandalwood and congratulated him for the success of Bulbul, Darshan replied (on his micro-blogging account) saying, "Thanks Chinna for the wishes for Bulbul movie success. Chinna if you are saying that I am #1 it means it (must be) right only Chinna."

Sudeep once again complimented Darshan saying, "You are and I want you to always be buddy....:) cheers..."
Darshan then went a bit emotional and replied, "Chinna not only are I #1. You are also #1 Chinna. May our friendship be like this only forever. We both are same. Will be like this only."