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Director turned actor Guruprasad has created a record of sorts through his new film 'Directors Special'. Usually, the cutouts of the stars will be put outside the theatre to attract the audience. But Triveni theatre in which 'Directors Special' is screening welcomes the audience with Guruprasad's cutout.

Yes, 'Directors Special' opened in Triveni and other theatres across Karnataka on Friday morning. When the audience went to Triveni for the morning show, they were surprised to see Guruprasad's cutout welcoming them.

Normally the cutouts of artistes are displayed in theatres, but 'Directors Special' doesn't boast of any stars. The only known faces in the film are Rangayana Raghu and Guruprasad. Though Rangayana Raghu has been highlighted in the posters of the film, it is Guruprasad's cutout that gets all the limelight.

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