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Director Guruprasad who is famous for delaying his films and confusing the audience about the delays has done it again. Guruprasad has given an ad today in many newspapers and while one ad says that the film will be released on May 31, another says the film will be released on June 07th.

'Directors Special' is a three year old project and was launched in 2010. However the shooting of the film started in 2011 and apart from a little patch work and a song, the shooting was completed in 2011 itself. Guru then took almost a year to complete the song and the patchwork and the film was completed in 2012. After that Guru again delayed the film's reasons citing various reasons.

Finally Guru announced that his film would be released in April this year at any cost and had also promised on actor-director Prem that the film's release won't be delayed. Guru made another gimmick by giving an ad with his and Afzal Guru's photo that he can be hanged like Afzal Guru if he did not release the film on time. However, the film was delayed again.

Now Guru has confused the audiences by giving two release dates. Will Guru release the film on the given two dates or will delay the film once again should be seen in the coming days.

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