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ane pataki vs kumbarashi
srujan lokesh, chethan chandra

Srujan and Chethan Chandra might have done many films in the recent years, but on Friday they will be making a comeback as heroes and will be clashing at the box office with 'Ane Pataki' and 'Kumbarashi' respectively.

Srujan Lokesh made his debut as a solo hero with 'Neela Megha Shyama' almost 10 years back. But Srujan couldn't make another film as an independent film as the film bombed. Then Srujan went on to appear in supporting roles and acted in films like 'Porki', 'Snehitaru', 'Andar Bahar' and other films. Now Srujan is making a comeback as a hero in 'Ane Pataki' after a long gap.
neela megha shama actor srujan chandra, puc actor chethan chandra (pic - KM Veeresh)

Similarly Chethan Chandra made his debut as a independent hero in 'PUC' and the film didn't do well. Chethan was restricted to doing supporting roles in films like 'Jaraasandha' and others. Now Chethan is back as a hero in 'Kumbarashi'.

With both the heroes making a come back after a long time, it is to be seen how the audience accepts them.

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