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The 40th birthday of superstar Shivrajkumar is notable - ‘Bahala Channagidhe’ (in the words of Shivrajkumar) for many ways. There was no unnecessary grandeur but filled with lot of moral and meaning. Shivrajkumar distributed three wheel chairs, hearing aid and other needy instruments to physically handicapped persons and felt immensely happy for his fans association – Shivrajkumar Sena Samithi for developing such a social conscious idea. This is besides the Dr.Rajkumar family coming in aid of a throat cancer patient Anjankumar.
Instead of what I take, what I give to the society has struck the mind of this popular star Shivrajkumar.
Addressing the mammoth crowd in Bangalore he declared that he is not a ‘swarthi’ (self centered). I want all the Kannada films to run successfully he opened up his mind in the midst of cheering crowd. He kept them
happy with a popular song Kannadadha Mathu Channa.., and satisfied his innumerable crowd.
The speakers at the Shivrajkumar Sena Samithi organized 40th birthday – Karnataka Film Chamber President K.C.N.Chandrasekhar, Sa.Ra.Govindu, S.A.Govinduraju, S.K.Bhagwan complimented Shivrajkumar for his simplicity, down to earth attitude and abilities imbibed from his father.
The birthday greetings started pouring on a rainy day in Bangalore for Shivrajkumar from early in the morning 4 am. His wife Geetha and children surprised Shivrajkumar with gifts wrapped in a cover. The cute daughter Nivedhita secretly kept a Sieko wristwatch to papa and kissed him before giving it. Shivrajkumar in the morning went to his father’s house and took the blessings. Then he attended innumerable calls and showed his exemplary calmness.