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dr rajkumar trust launched (Pic - km veeresh)

A trust has been formed in the name of Kannada Movie icon Dr. Raj Kumar which was announced on his birthday by Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar, wife of the actor and also the Chairman of the trust.

The initial fund of Rs. 5 lacs has been donated by the family members of Dr. Raj Kumar and the trust will be involved in many developmental activities in the field of education, health and culture. Alleviation of poverty, organsing blood donation camps and encourage the eye donation exercises.

The formation of trust was announced by Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar and her sons in a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. The trusts affairs will be handled by Raghavendra Rajkumar who is also the secretary and treasurer of the trustee. Puneet Raj Kumar is one of the members of the trustee. The trust will have an advisory committee which includes noted literary personality Baragooru Ramachandrappa, Dr. Bhujanga Shetty, Vasu of the Green House, Thimme Gowda, and Dr. Ramana Rao who was the personal physician of the movie icon.

Mr. Bhujangashetty, CEO of Narayana Nethralaya and who is in charge of the Dr. Raj Kumar Eye Donation trust said that the icon's decision to donate his eyes after his death has provided a great impetus and push to towards the eye donation exercises.

'Before his death we used to have fifty people signing the contract for eye donation in the Narayana Nethralaya. In the last year this has increased to over four hundred percent and more than 240 people have agreed to donate their eyes. Dr. Raj Kumar's decision to donate his eyes has generated a greater interest in the people to donate eyes throughout the state and if there is an increase of four hundred percent in our Hospital, I think it would have similarly increased in other eye centers. Earlier the eye transplantation requirements were done after a length of time because of the availability of eyes, but now in our Hospital we are doing eye transplantations immediately as it becomes necessary. Because we have sufficient stock of eyes' says Bhujanga Shetty.

Raghavendra Raj Kumar said that by forming the trust of Dr. Raj Kumar the family is a taking a step in the direction of realising his dreams which included giving something back to the society.

Baragooru Ramachandrappa maintained that the trust is owned by the family and headed by Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar. The trust wants to enhance and spread its activities in various fields, but initially it will be focusing on the health segment. The Dr. Raj Kumar trust will focus on eye donation and also in blood donation camps initially. Since Dr. Raj Kumar belonged to entire state, it was felt that the trust's work should spread throughout the state' he added.

A gold and silver coin will be minted with the photograph of Dr. Raj Kumar on the occasion of his birthday and it will be released on next month end. This coin will be done by an Hongkong based company. Among the Film artists in India only Dr. Shivaji Ganeshan Gold coin has come out till now.

Interested persons who want to give contribution to this Trust can send cheque / DD in the name of `Dr. Rajkumar Trust’ and can send it M/s Vajreshwari Combines, Gandhinagar, Bangalore.


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