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If you think that Challenging Star Darshan is only good at his on screen performances and his off screen one line replies to the media, you may have to change your opinion. He proved to be a very good host and a planned organiser. Darshan's abilities as a good organiser of a better looking function was proved in the hundredth day celebration of 2006 hit "Jothe Jotheyali'.

The film directed by Dinakar Toogudeepa has celebrated one hundred days in over 12 centers in the state. It was Darshan all the way overseeing everything in detail and not allowing any confusion to occur during the two and a half hour function when trophies were distributed to one and all who were connected to the film. The stage was well decorated and a big photo of Toogudeepa Srinivas, father of Darshan had adored the stage.

The function was attended by three big heroes of the Kannada film industry-crazy star Ravichandran, Hatrick Hero Shivaraj Kumar and Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar-all of who spoke highly of Darshan, his brother Dinakar and also Darshan's father Late Toogudeepa Srinivas. It was the most orderly function that was seen in recent days and every one who had worked in the film were given due importance. Rebel Star Ambareesh came a little late to the function, but his presence did add some glitter to the function. Ambareesh garlanded Darshan and his brother, while his protege Darshan garlanded Ambareesh. There was good chemistry between the two which was visible on the stage.

All the speakers including Actor-Producer Dwarakish were happy that "Jothe Jotheyalli' became a big hit during the crisis in the industry and in a period when Kannada films were not doing very well. "Now this celebration should bring us some feel good opinion. I am happy that the success of the films will bring the big boost to the whole industry' said Ravichandran. 'It is really a feel good function and I am happy for both Darshan and his brother. Toogudeepa Srinivas was part of the films produced by our company, and now we three brothers have a good rapport with Darshan and Dinakar' said Shivaraj Kumar.

'Darshan created a big director and a successful star from his own film. He did not do the lead role telling that it would be better for another upcoming hero to do the lead role in the film. I think it speaks high of his determination to encourage another hero and also understanding of the story he has selected' said Dwarakish.

Ramya the heroine of the film who is credited largely for the success of the film was conspicuous by her absence. Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar was also present at this function.

Dinakar Thoogudeepa was so thrilled with this function that he complimented all the three big stars and Ambareesh who is an inspiration to their family for their presence in the function. Dinakar who plans to direct his brother in his next film said that he may launch the new film on Darshan's birthday on February 16, but the film may take a little more time for the launch.


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