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Kannada film industry happy over elevation of Ambareesh. People Kannada film industry's most popular film personality Ambarees, better known as Ambi or Ambi Anna is now the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasing. A right man for the right post, feels many people in the film industry. His elevation as a Union Minister

has thrilled the film industry people and starting from a light boy to a big star like Dr. Vishnuvardhan are paying encomiums to Ambareesh.

"It was our prayer that he becomes a big minister one day. Now, it is realised' is the chorus voice that comes from the cine workers who like so much. H.D.Gangaraj, President of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce feels that this should have happened much before as Ambi is a man with a mission. .

Ambi is a man of the film industry and his large legion of friends in the industry feel that he would contribute some greater things to the society in general and film industry in particular.

Some of the reactions from other film personalities:

Dr. Vishnuvardhan: He has always been my great friend, philosopher and guide. I am naturally happy for him because he had aspired to go top in the ladder in the political arena. I will watch him closely and I am sure he will be achieving greater heights. My best wishes are always with him. I want to see his progress from the sidewings. It is certainly a Suvarna Karnataka gift for us in the industry.

Shivaraj Kumar; Just yesterday I was telling the press in Mysore that Ambi and Vishnu Uncle should be consulted for resolving the crisis in this industry. And now I am hearing the news that he is the Union Minister. A great news and he is certainly a great person indeed. I always pray for bigger things for Ambi sir.

Upendra: I am so happy for him. He has been my great friend ever since I met him to tell him the story of "Operation Antha' which was directed by me and he was the hero of the film. He is a great person with a golden heart. I always go to him to seek his advise.

Darshan: I have always thought he is my mentor and guide. And naturally happy. Ambi Anna is an asset to the state.

S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu: I want to see him as the Chief Minister of Karnataka or even feel better if he is chosen as the Prime Minister of the country. He is made up of that big stuff. I am happy that I was responsible for his induction to this industry. We have remained great friends from our childhood days. He is a family friend to me and many others in the film industry.

Dwarakish: A great moment for the Kannada film industry. Ambi is a friend to all and he has no enemies. His golden heart has cleared lot of misunderstandings in the industry. He will still reach the top of the rung. .

Arati- Actress: I am delighted to know that Ambi has become a Minister in the Union Cabinet. He is really a great human being and helpful. To know that some one who had worked with me in many films has now become a Union Minister is a great news. I am sure he would do some good things as a Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting. He is a right person for the right post.

Malashri, Actress: A belated Diwali gift to us. I have worked with him in many films like 'Rani Maharani' and "Hrudaya Haadithu' which became huge hits. He is such a nice person to work with. Always jovial and he would keep us in splits during the shooting. But he was also a great performer, though he appeared not to be so seriouswhen he was acting.

Jayanthi - I am his first heroine when I worked with him in "Amarnath' where he was introduced as a hero. Then I worked with him again in "Vajrada Jalapatha' We had a special relation ship and my mother liked him extremely. He would come to my house in the then Madras and force my mother to prepare some good food for him. He is definitely going to achieve still greater things in life. This is only a beginning.

Shruthi- heroine to Ambareesh in "Kalyanothsava'- I think it is a great honour to all of us. Ambareesh sir is a great human being first and then an actor. But to me he always remained a great guide. I cherish many great moments when I acted with him in films like "Mididha Hrudayagalu', "Kalyanothsava' and "Gowdru'. I played the role of his sister in "Gowdru' which got me a state award. I dont think without his co-operation and feed back as an artist, I would have got this award.

Mahendra - Ambi sir is a great achiever. He should have got the Union Minister's post quite early. He has won the Parliament elections for four times in big margins. Such a popular politician should have been rewarded much earlier. His popularity can not be restiricted to one caste or religion. He is one of the greatest film personalities to have reached such a premier position in politics.

Ramu, Producer: It is a great news for the Kannada film industry. He is certainly a gift to the industry and we are awaiting his guidance as a Minister of State of Information and broadcasting.

Sa. Ra. Govindoo: A belated recognition to this great personality of the Kannada film industry.

Ramesh Arvind: Ambareesh is a Ajatha Shatru in the industry. I will be one of the several thousands of people in this industry who feel happy for his elevation in this political role.

Shashi Kumar - Actor and former Member of Parliament-" As soon as I came to know of this news, I telephoned Ambi sir and congratulated him in the afternoon. Ambi sir is the first person from Kannada film industry to occupy such a top post in the union cabinet. I am naturally happy and am confident that he will do something good for the people in general and film industry in particular.

Jaggesh, Actor and Politician: : He fully deserves this recognition. I can not express my happiness. He gave ne fullest support when I went on to become a hero in "Bhanda Nanna Ganda'.

Rockline Venkatesh: He is one person who has been a strong influence in my life. I wished him a day before he was elevated. We are planning for a big reception to him. I will discuss this issue with my friends in the industry.

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