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Ramya's complaint against two film photo-journalists seem to have more hidden facts than that meets the eye. Was the complaint given only because the photos were not in good taste? But this is the same costume Ramya is using in the film and more over there have been more provocative and glamorous photographs of Ramya in earlier films that are all over the Internet and TV channels even today. The photos from Neer Dose is nowhere close to the glamorous photos of Ramya from some earlier Kannada and Tamil films. In that case, it is hard to believe she filed the complaint only with the photographs in mind.

So, what provoked her? Did the photographers refuse to take down the photographs? Actually they did not use the photographs after she called them. In fact, after the complaint, media used the same photographs to illustrate her complaint. Because of the complaint the photographs got more publicity. Ramya has not filed any case against them!

There could be possibility that one of the photographers was rude to her when she called. Words could have been exchanged out of rage which incensed Ramya to file the complaint. On the face of it, there is no reason to believe that the photographs themselves were the reason for the complaint.

Another reason Ramya could be angry is because the photographs shows she is looking fat. One more reason is now during the election time in Karnataka Ramya seeing in such costumes may get some damage to congress party when she comes out for publicity.

The real reason will come out sooner or later.

Sources to chitraloka said Ramya had instructed movie team not to call press in the initial stage and not to release any photos to newspaper. For this reason movie still photographer Srinath did not give photos to press even though he has clicked better photos. KNN used to go regularly to shooting spots. As he is from the media movie team could not tell him not to come. He was not invited. Even the team had assured senior press photographer they will give stills first to him, still he kept on going to the sets.

They say this is not any issue but something might have happened some other time with the press photographer and Ramya.

Unnecessary going to sets without invitation causes these types of trouble.

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