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It is not uncommon to see rivalry between to actresses peak when both of them are cast in the same movie. We have seen many examples where one or both the heroines in the same film underline time and again that they are not the "second heroine" in the film. Whenever a film maker decides on a script with two heroines, he invites trouble. So, most cast a lesser star or newcomer or an outsider for one of the roles. The Kannada proverb, "eraDu jaDe onde kaDe irakkagall," comes true always. Just before Karnataka goes to poll, this is coming true in political parties that invited actress.

It was with much fanfare that during in the last few years many actresses joined politics. Ramya, Bhavana, Pooja Gandhi, Malavika and Rakshita joined politics in the last one to two years. They joined the list that was already long and included names like Tara, Shruti, Umashree and others.

The birth of two new political parties changed the dynamics of state politics as well as increasing the options for actors joining politics. So, while Ramya and Bhavana joined Congress, Malavika and Pooja Gandhi joined JDS, Rakshita joined BSR Congress. The BJP, which was already brimming with actors was not attractive as everyone felt it would face huge anti-incumbency in the coming elections.

While there is no trouble with a large number of actors in bigger parties like Congress and BJP because of their wider base, smaller and regional parties cannot accommodate every actor with a big post. So, even when there are two big film personalities in such parties, trouble starts early.

The best example is Pooja Gandhi. She probably imagined that in the JDS she would be a big star attraction. She even campaigned for the party in the by-polls last year. But when she began to be outspoken, JDS leader and former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy made the remark that he is the biggest star attraction and the party did not need any film actors to attract voters. That however did not put Pooja Gandhi in her place. When HDK rebuked her once again and even announced that she better leave the party, she had no option but to quit to save her moral right.

She lost no time in joining the newly launched Karnataka Janata Party of BS Yeddyurappa. Seated in the stage and with the television cameras often focused on her, she imagined that the huge crowd that had gathered in Haveri, where the party was launched, was due to her. But it was Madan Patel, another actor and film personality who stole the show on stage in Haveri. It was not until another actress, Shruti, quit the BJP and joined KJP that Pooja Gandhi realised that she was not just a minnow in politics but also a smaller star. More photos of Shruti with Yeddyurappa was seen in a few days. Pooja hardly had even a photo opportunity with BSY. The huge publicity generated by Shruti joining KJP instead of making Pooja realising her real status made her believe she was being sidelined.

Within a year of joining politics, Pooja has changed parties thrice. She has joined BSR Congress now. But she had not realised she would face the ire of Rakshita there. Since the launch of BSR Congress of BS Sriramulu, the Bellary strongman, Rakshita was only film personality in the party. For months, she had travelled and walked across Karnataka along with Sriramulu building the party. In her own way, she had become the 'star' in that party in the absence of any other big name. In fact, the only two names that came up when people discussed BSR Congress was Sriramulu and Rakshita.

Now Pooja's entry into that party has not left Rakshita scotched. Though, in public, Rakshita says she is not upset and welcomes more actors into the party, insiders say that she already has one leg outside the party and is contemplating joining KJP. The biggest question is whether she can stay there when Shruti is already entrenched there.

Entry of Shruti was the reason for Pooja quitting KJP. If the entry of Pooja to BSR Congress becomes the reason for Rakshita quitting BSR Congress and if her entry into KJP becomes the reason for trouble for Shruti there, this would be the perfect recipe for an epic comedy fit for Shakespeare.

None of these actresses joined politics because of ideology. After enjoying stardom in films, they wanted to encash it in politics. So it does not matter which party they join or which politician they are seen with. They should wash their make up before joining politics. People can easily see through their empty social concern.

At least, Ramya says she joined politics because of Rahul Gandhi. Malavika perhaps is the only real politician with an ideology. She is the only one among all actress who boldly stated the reason for joining JDS. She had said, "I do not like Italian pizza (Congress). I did not join BJP because I am more secular and do not want to be polarised by Narendra Modi." The rest of the actresses are yet to even make a statement that does not sound like a cheap film dialogue.


Movie Controversial actress Pooja Gandhi is jumping to different parties is reported in new channels, news papers and websites. Now we have to wait and see will Pooja Gandhi gets stay on media not to write / telecast anything about her for jumping parties!


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