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puneet rajkumar, sudeep

Jo diktha hai who bikta hai (What you see, sells)…like the baniya communities says maal bikega jab dikhega this holds good even for Sandalwood actors. Off late there is an offshoot of sandalwood actresses hitting the small screen through anchoring/TV host bran endorsements, talk shows, TV events, general event appearance and promotion covered by TV, thus making their presence felt in all forms of media through the idiot box... Opps Sorry -The Magic Box.

Kichaa Sudeep is the latest re-entrant to the small screen again. Well, there is no doubt that the actor has understood the entire concept of 'being visible more often' to enhance his market value be it Sudeep’s recent stint as a TV host or CCL cricket live or his jewelry brand endorsements, these 'moves' are a testimony to the fact that he is on the right track to increase his market value and Brand Recall.

prashanth sambargi

Sudeep’s stepping stone to enter the brand endorsement race was under my leadership and event conceptualizations in the year 2003 for a telecom Brand. Sudeeps  daring act of jumping from a plane from 12,000 feet to launch a telecom product way back in 2003 was the talk of the town among many celebrities, TV audiences and corporate world across India.

With the help of the magic box, Sudeep commands premium remuneration for his film dates for the above mentioned strategies boost his value.

In marketing terms, it is called the visibility factor. In fact, producers are convinced and even willing to pay an additional 50 per cent on his current remuneration, because of brand endorsement and the clear visibility factor. Kudos to Sudeep and his new assignment on TV!

In case of Puneet Rajkumar who doubled his remuneration after hosting a popular quiz show. His presence on small screen has created additional visibility and celebrity brand connect with his audience, he might as well utilize this opportunity to make hay while the sun shines.

However, excessive television has killed many stars' brand value. For instance, take the case of Ramesh Arvind and Sai Kumar who were eventually branded and seen has actor anchors.

With the sheer reach of TV content (free to air) on a nominal one rupee per day/per person (PDPP) via cable/DTH, people are more than willing to give into the thrill and enjoyment to see their favorite stars on TV sitting at home.

Stars have approached me and many other TV production house to show their willingness to support the magic box. Of course, keeping in mind their remuneration. Magic Box Magic is here to stay and in the future, more and more content and TV concepts will be woven around the celebrity aura to create new programs for the sandalwood audiences.

(Article by Prashanth Sambargi)

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