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kotigobba 3 teaser will be back on youtube soon
Kotigobba 3 Movie Image

Clearing the air over the deletion of Kotigobba 3 official teaser from YouTube, producer Soorappa Babu has said that due to technical reasons the teaser was deleted, to which Anand Audio has taken up the case with the YouTube and the teaser will be uploaded shortly.

"The trouble started after the shooting in Poland with two brothers Sanjay Pal and Ajai Pal whose services we had hired for shooting in Poland. We faced a lot of problems including a couple of technicians who were not allowed to return from abroad. I got them back through the intervention of our Indian Government," said Soorappa Babu.

He further adds that he was deeply hurt following various baseless reports being telecasted and published through various mediums. "YouTube runs on its own mechanism through electronically and once somebody claims (even falsely) the rights of a content, the concerned video is taken off until it is communicated back with proofs. Since it was uploaded through Anand Audio channel, Mr Shyam has taken up the case with YouTube and it will be uploaded back at the earliest," he clarified.

That apart, all other reports are baseless, as the background score works will resume soon at the earliest in two days time after Arjun Janya fully recovers. "There is no 'pink problem' either nor any kind of misunderstanding with anyone. In fact, we are so confident of Kotigobba 3's success that we are already planning the story for Kotigobba 4! I must thank Kichcha Sudeepa for his great support. We are planning for the release in April," he adds.