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sagutha doora doora comes with a motherly touch
Sagutha Doora Doora Movie Image

After a series of great content films making the right noise at the box office, here comes another in the pipeline titled 'Sagutha Doora Doora', which is ready for release in the coming weeks. 

The film directed by Ravi Teja, the movie is high on motherly sentiment starring Apeksha Purohit, Mahesh, Jhanvi, Usha Bhandari and others in the lead.

The film stresses on the maternal instincts as its epicenter revolving around the most special bond between a mother and her child, while here it is a son, says the filmmaker, adding that the film is dedicated to all mothers. 

In a nutshell, it is about a son who goes in search of his lost mother but unlike the previous similar ventures, Sagutha Doora Doora has multiple layers of realistic emotions, they wrap up.

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