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arjun's musc and harikrishna's back ground score for odeya
Arjun Janya, V Harikrishna

'Challenging Star' Darshan has said through his Twitter account, that Arjun will be composing music for 'Odeya' and 'Robert', while V Harikrishna who is known as the 'Re-recording King' will be doing the background music for both the films.

V Harikrishna was the permanent music director for Darshan's films once upon a time and their combination was a huge hit. In the past few years, Arjun Janya has been roped in to compose music for 'Chakravarthy' and 'Odeya'. 'Robert' director Tharun Sudhir recently had disclosed that Arjun will be composing the music for his latest film. 

It is being said that Darshan's fans were upset that V Harikrishna who is a permanent in Darshan's films is slowly making way for Arjun. So, after Darshan's fans expressed their displeasure, Darshan has made an arrangement, where in both Harikrishna and Arjun are being accommodated. While, Arjun will be composing music for 'Odeya' and 'Robert', Harikrishna has been given the responsibility of composing background music for both the films.

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