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sudeep's condition for pailwaan 2
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Director S Krishna wants to do a sequel to Pailwaan. Even in the film, the last scene in the end credit shows that the story will continue. However, Sudeep has steadfastly said that he does not want to do a similar film let alone a sequel to Pailwaan.

In several interviews after the film's release, Sudeep said that getting back to the routine of gyms and physical straining was too much for him. That was the only reason he gave for not doing another such film. However this did not stop Krishna from writing a story for the sequel and narrating it to Sudeep. Sudeep was impressed with the story and said he liked it. But the condition he imposed on it has shocked Krishna.

Sudeep has informed Krishna that he would do Pailwaan 2 if he was offered the role of the coach and not that of the boxer or wrestler. A thoroughly confused Krishna is still awaiting to somehow convince Sudeep.