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very happy to act in ravichandran's direction
Ravichandran, Sudeep

Actor Sudeep who is acting in a guest role in Ravichandran's new directorial 'Ravi Bopanna' has said that he is very happy and priviooeged to act in Ravichandran's direction.

'I am very happy and much privileged to act in Ravichandran's direction. I don't mind if the role is bigger or smaller. I quickly accepted when he told me to act in the film. This is the second time, I am acting in his direction and even his sons have not got opportunity to work with him. Once upon a time, many actors including me were waiting for a chance to act in Ravichandran's film. Now when I got a call from him, I immediately accepted' said Sudeep.

Sudeep will be seen in the role of a lawyer in 'Ravi Bopanna'. The film stars Ravichandran, Kavya Shetty and others in prominent roles.

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