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Ashtaralle Just Missoo image
Ashtaralle Just Missoo

The Ashtaralle Just Missoo which is made by a few software professionals with the help of their Kannada film enthusiast friends has  completed its shoot and is ready for release this November or December. The film is made by Padaki productions, which consists of a  team of young and energetic people who are very passionate movie makers.

'We have produced many short movies and have uploaded the same in social networking sites like you tube, video Girmit and Face book  and have acclaimed many appreciations from the movie lovers' says one enthusiastic member of the team.  .

In the month of March-2012, Padaki Productions  made a comedy thriller by name “Dishkyaav”.  The film was a combined efforts of the passionate film fans which had a screening  in one of the memorial hall Kengal Hanumantayya KalaSoudha in Bangalore.  The film attracted farily large attednace  for three days it was screened.  It also obtained critical appreciations from many film enthusiasts.

The special feature of the film Dishkyaav'  is that the movie was made in a ZERO BUDGET. Neither the casting nor the technically team took payment.

The people involved in the making of this film put in their own investment and thought the whole product  as  a trial and error effort.  The feeling inside the  film enthusiasts who had invested their time and money for making this film was just to portray their interest and dedication towards Cinema Making. The movie was made in a handy camera.

The unit agrees that the film was a little weaker in the , technical aspects,mainly because of the budget constraints, the content and the concept of the movie was very well appreciated by some select audience who saw the film. 'A live discussion about the film was held  in the Suvarna channel. Later the movie was released in you tube and has crossed more than 12000 far.

Soon after this success, the team was  offered to do a promotional video for a forum in a face book by name “Gaanchali Bidi Kannada Mataadi” which is doing a wonderful job in spreading and imbibing the sense of Kannada.

The unit also worked on a a short video with the title “Police puraana” and released the same in the  You tube , this time it was still big that it is already crossed 25000 views. The  Suvarna channel has owned this video now and it was  played during “Karnataka  Rajyotsava.  The making of the film was motivated to promote the essence of Kannada among the people..

By Seeing this over whelmed response we were motivated much and now we have taken up a new project by name* “ASHTRALLE JUST MISSOO” *which is a sarcastic comedy movie with a minute touch of emotions and sentiments.

The film will have a theatrical release which has been planned in the next two months.

The movie has accomplished its shooting and is in the stage of Editing and re-recording. This time we have developed technically and the movie is shot in a 5D camera and even the music has some catchy tunes.

A recent press note issued by the film makers gives the following information.

Further we also have a plan of conducting a “Short Film Festival” to provide a platform and encourage the people who are really passionate and like minded people  about movie making , we are conducting a contest of short movies and the first three winning movies will be screened along with our movie “Ashtralle Just Missoo”. We are also having a thought of inviting producers of Kannada Film Industry for the screening as this may create visibility for the efforts put in and can really yield some fruit to committed movie makers  and can design their future.