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i know my limits as an actress says rachita ram
Rachita Ram

The dimple queen of sandalwood, Rachita Ram who stars opposite Nikhil Kumar in Seetharama Kalyana has come out strongly defending her bold role in 'I Love You’. 

Following the trailer of the movie in which Rachita Ram is seen in a different role as compared to her previous ones, the actress has said that various kinds of characters inspire an artist and there is nothing wrong in attempting such challenging roles.

In Seetharama Kalyana, she will be seen as a girl from a traditional background and hence the langa-davani attire. About criticism over her choice of role in I Love You, the actress has reacted sharply saying that some of her fans had expressed displeasure against her for doing same kind of roles and when she takes up bold roles, she still faces such criticisms.

“I haven't done anything wrong. Just because the trailer is bold, it doesn't mean that my entire role in the movie will be of same as in the trailer. The purpose of the trailer is to draw attention of the audience. I know my limits as an actress,” she says.

About her co-star Nikhil Kumar in Seetharama Kalyana, the actress says that he is very committed and he has tremendously grown as an actor.