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dirty gimmick by bbmp on darshan
BBMP, Darshan

The BBMP has played a dirty gimmick which is nothing but a cheap publicity trick on actor Darshan. It has imposed a fine of Rs 100 on him for allegedly not paying property tax for his house for 2017-18 and 2018-19. The grand total of tax is Rs 12,024 including interest. Imposing interest and nominal fine is a routine thing which applies to lakhs of property owners in Bengaluru every year.

To make a song and dance out of imposing Rs 100 fine on Darshan is nothing but a publicity stunt by BBMP. What was the need to go to the media and announce the Rs 100 fine? In fact BBMP issued a notice for payment of property tax to Darshan. This is also a routine development and notices are issued to lakhs of property owners every year. Even before the notice reached Darshan's house, BBMP went to the media about it.


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