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siddha the dog plays bhageera in kaanadante mayavadhano
Kaanadante Mayavadhano

Dogs have always been a man's best friend and their obedient relationship is undoubtedly one of the most special one for mankind. Apart from being a favourite pet, canines have also been star performers as entertainers by displaying their valour and skills in front of cameras. Meet, one such talent - a seven year old Labrador, who is chocolate brown in colour. He has so far acted in a couple of short films and movies.

He plays one of the lead in the upcoming venture Kaanadante Maayavaadanu, an action fantasy romance movie directed by Raj Paththipaati The makers of the film say that the dog is one of the main lead in the film and its presence is the most crucial, as the tale takes a dramatic twist because of it. Actress Sindhu Lokanath returns to big screen post her marriage alongside Vikas in the lead with Achyuth Kumar, Suchendra Prasad and others in support roles.

Before wrapping it up, the makers reveal that Siddha who plays Bhageera in their film, has even won best dog titles in obedience award shows.  

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