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i am receiving death threats
Harshika Poonacha

After strongly expressing displeasure against 'me too’ movement being misused by few actresses and terming it as 'me too for publicity’, actress Harshika Poonacha has revealed that she has been receiving threat messages and calls from past two days from few well known personalities.

“Few have offered me money to shut up. I will have to give police complaint if it continues,” she has warned them, adding that her opinions were honest and from her heart, and moreover no body should cover truth.

On Tuesday she had said that nobody should disrespect women, objectify them or force them to do anything against their will, but she was truly disgusted to see how few actresses are using their femininity as a tool for pure publicity.

Voicing her opinion in support of actor Arjun Sarja, accused of sexual harassment, Harshika made startling revelations that most of these so called activist actresses do everything when they badly need what they want in the initial stages of their careers (get cast in good films, make money, network, travel, luxurious life and so on) by giving all the freedom to these men who they now accuse for their own selfish needs of publicity. “They start targeting the same men who they were smiling and walking hand in hand with," she said while further daring such actresses to name 'A’ list superstars in the industry, also asking them why superstar actresses were not making any allegations or claims.

She had even revealed a couple of controversial incidents involving so called 'me too’ actresses without naming them.