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harshika poonacha criticizes me too
Harshika Poonacha

Actress Harshika Poonacha has come out against the Me Too movement claiming that some actresses are doing it just for publicity. In a long online post the actress has lambasted actress who are making allegations and says that they enjoyed all the things that they got from the film industry doing what they did and after they have reached a good position are now blaming those who helped them. In gist she says that the actresses were complicit in what they did and were willing participants but have now claiming to be victims. 

The actress says they she has seen many who smoke ganja and themselves go behind big stars, producers, business people for roles. In the explosive post that reveals many dirty dealings in the industry, she says "Most of these so called activist actresses do everything when they badly need what they want in the initial stages of their careers (get cast in good films , make money, network , travel, luxurious life etc) by giving all the freedom to these men who they now accuse for their own selfish needs of publicity, they start targeting the same men who they were smiling and walking hands in hands with! I personally have seen these so called great activist actresses smoking ganja, having a great time in their song shoots in foriegn countries, falling on famous men (actors from other industries , producers , real estate barons etc at big award functions in Malaysia , Dubai, Singapore etc ) and doing things that I do not want to mention here."

 Harshika says that she is disgusted at actress who are joining the Me Too bandwagon for publicity and ruining the careers and families of other actors now for alleged incidents that happened years ago. She also cites two videos she has seen of actresses which reveals that they are not all good at heart. 

About the two videos she has seen Harshika says "One of the famous producers who is close to me and a wellwisher was showing me a video of a few of these so called me too actresses happily smoking ganja lying down on a famous persons shoulder and talking about how they can spoil the names of a few people. In another video there is this famous actor who has shot a video himself of this famous actress half nude in the car where she is seen  happily telling him "i should be there in your next film also ok". 

Harshika says that she did not want to speak about the issue but was forced to do so seeing how some actresses are making false claims. 

"I was keeping quiet for so long thinking I should not talk against my fellow actresses but this is becoming a mockery of us other actresses and our industry which has given us bread and butter and made us what we are today!" Harshika has said. 

She has challenged the Me Too actresses to dare and name top stars if they have guts. "I have a question for you! Do you have the guts to name the A list superstars in each film industry?

Why arent the superstar actresses of every industries not making any claims or allegations?". Harshika's comments has given a new dimension to the whole debate on Me Too.