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Sanjjana Talks about her me too experience
Ganda Hendathi Movie Image

Just days after radio jockey turned actress Nethra shared her a #MeToo experience, and then actress Sangeetha Bhat who revealed her ten years long ordeals in a series of incidents before quitting the industry, another actress has opened up about her #MeToo experiences.

Actress Sanjjanna Galarani, who went live on her Facebook account on Wednesday, has revealed that she was forced to do obscene scenes and was shown vulgarly in her debut movie Ganda Hendathi, directed by Ravi Shrivatsa which was released in 2006. It is the remake of 2004 Hindi hit film 'Murder’.

She goes on to share that the makers of the film who promised her that she will be treated well was later forced to do such scene, and when expressed her unwillingness to do so, she was threatened with dire consequence which would affect her career.

In the video, she says that the makers shot the film with camera angles showing her obscenely and vulgarly. 

Also, says that she does not feel embarrassed about it as it was the makers of the film who showed her such when she was hoping to start her career with great hopes. She was just 16 years old when she had signed the film, she says adding that prior to signing the movie she was told about a kissing scene but before the shoot was wrapped up she was forced to do more than 30 to 40 kissing scenes.

About going public about it after a gap of 12 years, the actress has said that she has gained confidence to finally talk about it especially to come out clean to her fans and loved ones who wonder about her after watching Ganda Hendathi.

While making it clear that she doesn't paint the entire industry with same colour, she says, “I have done 45 films so far and apart from two incidents, I have always been treated with utmost respect as an actress. In another incident, a Telugu producer was furious for bringing my father to an abroad shoot. As I have grown enough with my talent, I managed it well.”