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500 plus shows for the villain in bangalore
The Villain

The Villain, the most expected movie of the year in Kannada is releasing in a record number of theaters across Karnataka and Bengaluru. The film is breaking all records before release. It has had the highest positive votes before release with over 53,000 people saying they are interested in the film on online booking sites. This is the first Kannada film with over 50,000 votes before release.

The film is also creating before-release records in Benaluru. The bookings for the film opened one week in advance in single screen theatres and it is now open in all multiplexes today. The film is releasing tomorrow in 93 single screen theatres and 32 multiplexes in Bengaluru including the entire district.

The Bengaluru distribution region includes Kolar and Tumakuru. Earlier it was expected that the BKT (Bengaluru Kolar Tumakuru) region will have 150 screens for The Villain. A day before the release of the film, the number of screens in BKT has already crossed 150.

In Bengaluru the number of shows on the first day is more than 500. With more shows being added, the number of first day shows may cross 600 in the city.