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upendra's character is santosha in i love you
Upendra in I Love You

Director R Chandru had announced that his new film with Upendra I Love You is has actor Upendra in the same kind of role as in 'A' and 'Upendra' the films directed by Upendra himself. Upendra made a sequel to Upendra called Uppi2 recently.

These films were sensational for the names of the lead characters played by Uppi. From 'Naanu' to 'Unknownu' they created a huge sensation. So what is the name of Uppi's character in I Love You? It is Santosha! Chandru says it is a combination of 'Naanu' and 'Unknownu'.

Happiness comes when 'naanu' and 'unknonwu' are in harmony. There is harmony in the character therefore he is happy. The character's name therefore is 'Happy' or 'Santosha' according to this logic. More surprises are in store from I Love You in the coming days.

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