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rambo vs amma i love you
Amma I Love You, Rambo 2 Movie Image

After the clash of politicians in the Assembly election in the first half of May, it will be the clash of Sandalwood stars after that. The voting for the election is on May 12 and counting of votes is on May 15. The immediate Friday after that is May 18. The clash of Sandalwood films will start right on that day. The big two films releasing are 

Rambo 2 starring Sharan and Amma I Love You starring Chiranjeevi Sarja and directed by KM Chaitanya. For the last few weeks big films of stars have not released in Kannada. They will not be released till the elections are over. The election season is considred not good for big budget films. Even today however

Tagaru and Gultoo are making money at the box office. But it will be a risk to release new films with big budgets. Every Friday in the last two weeks a good number of Kannada films are releasing. But stars like Chiru Sarja and Sharan kept away.

Therefore unlike other languages there are no films for summer season in Kannada so far. But this will change in the last two weeks of May.


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