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From March 2, tomorrow, there will be new screening of films in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. No new films will release in Tamil Nadu. There will not be screening of films in Kerala for one day and after that no new releases. In Karnataka four Kannada films Sarkar, Preetiya Rayabari, 3000 and Chinnada Gombe will release. But no new films will release after that. Also no non-Kannada films will be releasing in Karnataka. KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu announced that they are completely supporting the SIFCC. 

As of now only the four south Indian language film industries are supporting this demand against the digital service providers. A big film that releases across Karnataka will have to spend some Rs 50 to Rs 60 lakh on DSPs in a month. Smaller films too will have to spend the same amount if they want a wide release. This amount being paid to DSPs has seen a huge increase in the last few years. From a couple of thousand rupees per week per theater, it has reached up to Rs 27,000 per week per theatre. This applies even when there is only one show per day in that theatre. The producer who pays rent to the theater also pays for the DSPs. So the producer is sharing the income on his product with the theatres and DSPs apart from the investment he has made on the product itself. 

On the other hand the DSPs don't share the money they make from the advertisements shown during the film with the producers. All that the producers have asked is to reduce the rates to reasonable levels. It is just 25 percent. But DSPs who have created a monopoly are adamant. That's the reason for the deadlock.

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