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shyam prasad's book
Enigmas Of Karnataka By Shyam Prasad

The book, Enigmas of Karnataka, created a sensation today. The book is written by journalist S Shyam Prasad, who has been reporting about Kannada films and been a film critic for over 10 years. It was launched in a 'virtual book launch' programme today which meant that it was released online. Many Sandalwood stars shared the video trailer of the book and wished the author. It was such a flood of wishes for the book that on Twitter, the hashtag #EnigmasofKarnataka became the top trend for many hours today. 

Shyam Prasad is not only a film journalist but also a legal reporter and has also written dialogues for two Kannada films; Garshane and C/o Footpath 2. This is his first book.  According to the blurb of the book, it answers many mysteries from the history of Karnataka. The blurb says, "Did the illustrious Hoysala king, Vishnuvardhana, create a fictional tale about his dynasty’s founder? Is Bengaluru’s Kadlekai Parishe a wholly British invention with no roots to the City’s founding years? Acutely aware of their inferior status in the royal hierarchy, did the Wodeyars use the origin stories they had fabricated two centuries earlier to enter into matrimonial alliances in north  India? Is the greatest icon of temple-building in Karnataka, Jakanacharai, a mere legend? Did Ramanuja, the famed Vishishtadvaita philosopher, order the disfigurement of the Gommateshwara statue to achieve narrow religious ends?". 

There are many other topics discussed in this book. The author profile on the back cover of the book says "S Shyam Prasad is a journalist based in Bengaluru. A prolific writer, he has covered disparate topics in his career spanning 15 years. His repertoire of writings include: content for children and young adults, reports as a court correspondent, movie critiques; and scripts and dialogues for films. His deep attachment to and sense of local history propelled him to pen this, his first non-fiction book."

The book is available in many online stores like Amazon and Flipkart and also in brick and mortar shops in Bengaluru like Aakruti, Paperback Bookshop and Munnota.

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