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puneeth in anjaniputra
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Harsha director Anjaniputra is remake of Tamil movie Poojai. That is what most people tend to believe but in reality Anjaniputra is only inspired from the Tamil movie. An example of this can be seen in the length of both these movies. While the Tamil movie is 158 minutes long Anjaniputra is only 138 minutes long.

The difference of 20 minutes which is huge indicates that there is much difference between the two films. The difference in the duration is because Anjani Putra is only inspired from the story of Pooja and has been entirely rewritten. Vishal produced and acted in the lead role in the Tamil version. Anjaniputra is releasing this Thursday. This is the first film directed by Asha for Puneeth Rajkumar though he has choreographed for the actor in several films earlier.