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padmanbh upset over samyutha hegde
Samyuktha Hegde, Padmanabh Image

Producer Padmanabh of 'College Kumar' is very much upset with actress Samyukta Hegde for not participating in the promotion of the film 'College Kumar'.

'College Kumar' was released a couple of weeks back. While, Samyukta Hegde plays the heroine of the film, Padmanabh is the producer. It seems, Padmanabh is inviting Samyukta to promote the film, but the actress has been avoiding the promotions citing other commitments. So, Padmanabh came before the media on Tuesday morning and complained about the heroine's behaviour.

'I have been constantly inviting Samyukta for promotions, but she has been avoiding us for various reasons. If the heroine of the film doesn't come for promotions, who will back the producer. I am very much upset with her behavior and will be complaining to KFCC, KFPA and other bodies about her' said Padmanabh.


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