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multiplex favors non kannada films
Tarak, Spyder Movie Image

In Bengaluru multiplexes on Wednesday and Thursday the film Spyder had 217 shows in Telugu, 38 shows in Tamil and 4 shows in Malayalam. On Friday the film has 105 shows in Telugu, 35 in Tamil and 4 in Malayalam. 

Anothe Telugu film that released last Friday Jai Lava Kush had 85 shows on Thursday but on Friday will have only 33 shows in multiplexes. Spyder released on Wednesday instead of the regular film releases on Friday.

This week a big Kannada film Tarak starting Darshan is releasing. It is releasing tomorrow on Friday. Multiplexes have given 78 shows to the film which is still less than the shows given to Spyder on Friday. 

The biggest loser is Kannada film Bharjari which released two weeks ago. It had around 65 shows on Thursday but it is reduced to just 19 shows in multiplexes on Friday. 

Another new Telugu film that is releasing on Friday Mahanubavudu had got 59 shows.

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