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ricky keg with his wife and dog
Ricky Keg announces 1 lakh for missing dog

Composer Ricky Kej has announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for persons who help find his missing dog. Hutchie the Golden retriever dog is missing since last night. The dog went missing from Ricky's residence near ESI Indiranagar.

In a post, Keg has said, "Hi Friends, I am desperate and need your help. Our Dog Hutchie, who means the world to us walked out of our house (Indiranagar, near ESI Hospital) at about 8.30 pm last evening (24th Sept) and is missing. He is a large golden retriever, and responds to 'Hutchie'. He is wearing a red collar, and has a wound on his right thigh. His tail is bushy like a typical golden retriever. He is very friendly, never aggressive, but may scare people by affectionately running to them.

Please Please Please share this with as many people as possible. Find groups that may amplify this plea of mine, and post. These are recent pictures. Hutchie is our life, and it goes without saying that any help that leads to him reaching us will be generously rewarded Varsha Kej."