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rajkumar family rushes to help bramhavar
Bramhavar, ShivaRajkumar Image

The Rajkumar family is rushing to help Sadashiv Brahmavar. Shivarajkumar has said that Brahmavar will be taken care of and he need not worry about anything for the rest of his life. Chitraloka had reported yesterday that Brahmavar was thrown out of his house by his children and he is roaming the streets from one town to another.

Producer KP Srikanth told Chitraloka that Shivarajkumar was upset with the news about Brahmavar and asked to find him. Brahmavar has acted in many films of Rajkumar and is close to the Rajkumar family. In the 1980s and 1990s he acted in most films of Rajkumar and Shivarajkumar. Brahmavar has acted in around 200 Kannada films mostly in small supporting roles. His current situation has shocked the Kannada film industry.

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