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The Rs 200 cap on multiplex ticket prices that was supposed to come into effect today has not been implemented. It seems that the multiplex lobby is behind the government not showing urgency in the matter though it helps millions of film audience.

Support Petition to Implement Rs 200 Limit on Film Tickets 

The heavy ticket prices help a handful of businessmen who build shopping malls and multiplexes. Already pro shopping mall owners articles have started appearing in English newspapers. These articles invariably talk about having good business for malls and multiplexes, the heavy investment made and how profits will be affected. They never speak about how audience in Karnataka have been fleeced by multiplexes for the last 15 years. People in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh pay the least amount for tickets. The quality of theaters has not diminished there. In fact the condition of theaters in TN and AP are better.

Multiplex Ticket Price Capped At Rs 200

There is open comments about going to court and taking legal action. This fear is being sown to show that the case can drag on for years and the scheme not implemented. If taking legal action was the option why have not builders and multiplex owners challenged the cap on ticket prices in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh? In Tamil Nadu the cap on ticket prices at Rs 120 has existed for the last ten years. Why has it not been challenged for a decade? The legality of such a law will be uniform throughout the country. Karnataka has to make the law under similar Acts made by Tamil Nadu. 

The question is of interest of millions of common people versus the interest of handful of builders and multiplex owners.

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