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darshan says no to reality shows
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Darshan has once again ruled out handling reality shows or hosting a show on television. Rumours started a couple of days ago after an alleged claim by a TV channel that he has agreed to host a show for them. Darshan has clarified that he is not into reality shows and would not do it.

This is not the first time that Darshan has clarified that he will not be part of any television shows. Every year for the last few years Darshan's name has been dragged into the issue and there is tremendous pressure on him to accept to host a TV show. But Darshan has stayed away from it. Even though he has accepted to be a guest on a couple of shows, he has made it clear he will not host a TV show.

Darshan's first producer MG Ramamurthy, who produced Majestic, has welcomed Darshan's move. Speaking to Chitraloka, he said, "I know him from a very long time. He is not the kind of person who is after money. It is secondary to him. TV channels are ready to pay him whatever he asks. But he has not agreed. If you remember film producers like us had protested against reality shows being hosted by film stars and it affects the film industry. There has been no response from other stars. But Darshan has made it clear that he will not participate. This shows his concern for film industry and film producers. Even without asking he has taken this decision and we welcome it."

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