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MG Ramamurthy the producer of Majestic that launched Darshan as the lead actor has revealed about how the actor was chosen. In the ongoing controversy about Darshan challenging Sudeep's version of who suggested him for the film, Ramamurthy has cleard the air.

Speaking to Chitraloka Ramamurthy said that Sudeep did not suggest the name of Darshan for the film. Our film director PN Sathya had contacted sudeep and had told him the story which sudeep did not do it. We were searching of a suitable hero for the subject. 

The name of Darshan for the lead role in the film was suggested by Anaji Nagaraj who was then a cinematographer and also by Suresh Gowdru. We have done so many preaameets during Majestic movie. If it was true we would have told that there itself. We don't know why these type of news comes now after 15 years. This is no healthy for our industry. I will continue to make films with Darshan. It was my first film and Darshan was the best actor for Majestic. 

I am clear that Sudeep did not suggest Darshan's name for the film. It was Anaji Nagaraj," he said. 

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