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dj shooting at beluru
telugu movie shooting image at beluru

Vaishnava Principles was changed for Allu Arjun's movie at Hassan's historical Beluru Temple. the complete environment of the temple was changed for the shooting. Lord Shiva's idol was installed in the Vaishanav temple. The main entrance was shut for the devotees to enter. it is also said that the movie team has hurt the religious sentiments of the people. The shooting is of Allu's Arjun's new movie DJ. The devotes present at the temple are furious for hurting their beliefs and sentiments.

dj_shooting_1telugu.jpgBelur is worldwide famous for its uniqueness. Channakeshava Temple is one of the most famous tourist spots in Karnataka, which has visitors from all over the world. Law protectors who are supposed to safeguard the famous world heritage property are the one's corrupting it. Everyday 1000's of devotes, visit the temple but today, there is no entrance to the devotees because of movie shooting.

The movie has a prior permission from the historical department to shoot in the temple. but the main question is, how far is it good to shoot hurting so many sentiments and faith? The most alarming part is, Channakeshava temple was under the hit list of Terrorists, and the security was previously beefed up. but now, the movie team is using drone camera and is shooting every bit of the temple,this has raised many speculations about the safety of the temple.

To what extent is it right to hurt the sentiments of devotes by manipulating the principles of Vaishnava religion and also by prohibiting the devotes from entering the temple only because of Allu Arjun's movie?

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