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will sudeep be in big boss today
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There is suspense over whether Sudeep will host the Bigg Boss show today. Earlier in the week Sudeep had said that he will not host the show till Huchcha Venkat was punished for beating up contestant Pratham inside the house. But as of now the channel authorities have not taken any action.

Bigg Boss with or Without Sudeep? - KM Veeresh Writes

Venkat was only a guest inside the house and exited the same day. He was taken out by the bouncers after he attacked Pratham. The show continued as usual after that. Venkat is not in the control of the channel. But now who will take action against him? In the middle of this confusion there is also doubts about the host Sudeep participating.

Sudeep Not To Host Bigg Boss Till Venkat Punished

 The shooting for the Saturday night episode is to start in a couple of hours. Will Sudeep go is the Big question.