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rajaguru hosakote directs jogis novel
rajaguru hosakote directs jogi's novel

Rajaguru Hoskote son of well known singer Gururaj Hoskote has turned director with a new film called 'Samayada Hinde Savari'. The film is based on a novel called 'Nadiya Nenapina Hangu' by well known writer Jogi.

'Nadiya Nenapina Hangu' was published a few years back and Rajguru who was very much inspired from the novel had directed a play called 'Balla Mulagala Prakara' based on that novel. Now Rajaguru has made it into a film and looking forward to release the film.

Apart from directing the film Rajguru himself has written the screenplay, lyrics and dialogues of the film apart from  composing the music. Rahul Hegade, Ranjith Shetty and Praveen Hegade are the producers of the film. Rahul plays the main lead in the film.

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